What Motivational Speakers Do

Motivational speakers talk about various topics. They share philosophies or life stories that would influence the crowd. Though most speakers talk about anything, some would choose a subject to focus on like self-esteem, drug abuse, and communications, among others.

Education or Training


Fortunately, you don’t have to undergo a series of programs or complete a certain degree to be a keynote speaker. Nevertheless, you need to develop your public speaking ability. Engaging and communicating with a crowd is the core of your job so you must enhance your ability to encourage people through spoken words.

You can start by developing unique ideas to share. Explore your personal perspectives and experiences and see what you can share. Think about the people who might benefit from your chosen topics. After choosing your main topics for speaking, you need to do some research and reach other experts of the same field. This way, you can build your knowledge and understanding on the subject.


Most motivational speakers start their career by developing their ability to write an excellent piece. Written words can be as compelling as the spoken ones. If you can write well, you’ll be able to layout the foundation of your ideas. Ask someone to check your work and provide valuable feedback.

A well-written piece would help increase your confidence in speaking publicly. Read your essay over and over orally. Join groups or private academies that can help you improve your voice, movements and gestures. Don’t be afraid of criticism, as it is through the comments of those around you that you’ll become aware of what you need to work on. It’s also the most reliable way to find out more about your own strengths.

Speaking Certification

You are not required to obtain any speaking license or permit for public speaking. Nonetheless, there are some certifications that you can earn. Being a certified speaker would boost your credibility and eligibility on the field. In order to obtain certifications, you can join public speaking seminars and trainings.


You don’t have to follow a certain time table before you can be a public speaker. However, it can take years to fully develop your skills and catch the attention of paying clients. Everything will depend on how well you present yourself to the public.


The most in-demand and highly paid speakers earn from tens to hundreds of thousands. The highest-paid motivational speakers can be executives of gigantic companies or best-selling authors. Some ex-politicians also receive heaps of earnings by becoming keynote speakers.

You might earn less if you’re not a celebrity. On your starting years, you can offer to speak for free. Build your audience and widen your connections. When you get more experience, you may charge a few thousands and increase from there. Simply put, no one will be willing to pay a speaker who hasn’t yet established his name.

Potential Jobs

Keynote speakers are often hired in schools, conferences, and businesses. Your first opportunities to speak may depend on your connections. Obviously, you can be hired frequently if you know a lot organizers and if they have already heard you speak before.
You can build your public presence by creating accounts in social media such as

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Blogging is one of the best tools to use to start your career in motivational speaking. Write compelling articles and post them in your blog to attract your target audience.


Introducing yourself to the world can be a daunting challenge. If you are a beginner, you will need to do plenty of marketing to get in contact with the right people. If you are willing to pay, you can hire someone to do the marketing for you. Hiring a professional to maintain your social media accounts and manage your website can significantly grow your online presence.

You may offer free presentation to potential clients. Gain more experience and build your reputation by allowing others to see speak for free. Record your free presentations. You can post some of these recordings on your site and allow future clients to discover what you can do.

Long-term Career

Motivational SpeakersYou can be a motivational speaker for a very long time if you are able to develop a strong reputation. Many motivational speakers write books to increase their earnings and fame for more information contact here motivational-speaker-success.

In the long run, you will need to hire someone to do the marketing, booking and receiving of payments. If you wish to publish your own book, you will need a publicist or an agent to help you promote your work. Doing everything on your own can be stressful. If you want to keep your career going, you need to tackle your responsibilities better.
Find someone who is willing to work with you as you develop your talents and skills. Most motivational speakers work with good mentors to help them grow their abilities and build their career.

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