Fashion for real people

There has always been a bit of a difference in what is showcased on the runway and what finally comes out in the market. This statement is very true since the runway dresses are particularly designed keeping in mind the zero size models, but in general normal people are not zero sized. So, there are lots of alterations that happen before the stuffs come out in the market for the general audience. To know more on which of these dresses would suit for real people, here is small guide on it.

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1)     Punk Trend – You must have noticed this trend in many of the fashion shows this season and it even might have enticed you a lot. But when you go out in the market the same set of design may look different and not so enticing to suit your appearance. So what you should do is to remember the design and color combinations form the runways and buy the in trend stuffs that you think would suit your looks. Now combine that attire with one rebellious element keeping in mind the combinations used on the runways. This way you create your unique punk look with a refined piece of clothing that also makes you look smart and elegant.


2)     Winter pastels- If you don’t get the exact kind of stuffs that you have seen on the runways for your winter clothing, just keep in mind one that this year falls trend is all about pastel colors and hues. The ideal way of being in this trend is to mix pastels colors with shades of white or black. So pull of your winter clothing in pastel colors and white and give it a nice contrast by combining it with dark or neutral colored out wears.


3)     Borrowed from boys – Many women and girls prefer to have the boyish look with a feminine twist. So for those who like this type of styling this year is win-win for your guys. The menswear influence this season is quite high, so get on to this polished trend by having clothing that have subdued colors, menswear patterns, military inspirations etc. It’s a great time to take out your over sized jacket or coat and pair them with laced gowns or dresses to create a combination of masculine and feminine looks. This style is a great way to create a unique identity for you.


4)     Fur – Like diamonds, fur too has been women’s best friend in clothing and owing to this they have never gone out of fashion since ages. So again this year too fur is the key-dressing element for the winter season. So whether you have faux fur clothing or real one it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you have one. You can get various styles of fur clothing stuffs such as collar accent or fur coat vests or fur long coats to style up your look and make you appear sophisticated and stylish.


Fashion is all about how you perceive it and how wisely you judge what’s going pot suit you. Runways are about giving you inspiration and idea about what is in this season so that you can buy stuffs according to your taste and person and style it accordingly.




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Men’s Fashion Trends 2014

With the British summer still nestling and the fall of 2013 yet to arrive, the men’s fashion trends for 2014 unrevealed their looks on the runways of Paris and Milan. Here’s a quick look on what’s the future fashion trends for men going to be like.

  1. Round sunglasses – The retro style is back once again with being even funkier and bigger. It like carrying the Lennon looks with psychedelic influence. The shades of theses sunglasses are kooky and give a nice retro look to your persona. These rounded glasses replace the ongoing trends for wayfarers. So you can imagine yourself combining these sunglasses with some of your casual attires to give your persona nice blend of contemporary and passé style.
  2. Dark floral – The designers obsession for creating printed apparels for men have taken a darker turn as they have now come up with 40’s and 50’s graphic prints and floral patterns in darker tones. Wearing these cherry summer/spring floral patterned clothes gives the person a rockabilly tattooist look, which certainly makes him appear smarter. It’s like the whole nostalgia of having the layered shorter sleeves over longer ones, smooth and soft fabric along with amazing patterns rule the trends of 2104 once again.
  3. Boxy t-shirts – It’s like having the age of rap and goal the way back. Now give your body some space to breathe in and relax while you are wearing one of the box shaped t-shorts designed with various funky prints on basic colors. These box t-shirts could be efficiently used by men as night wears as well as dresses for casual occasions. They can top it up with denim or leather jackets to create cool dude look. For sure these oversized t-shirts would go viral in no time.
  4. Camouflage designs – Camouflage dresses have always been a confusing style in the sectors of fashion. Neither they can be thrown out completely nor are they accepted fully. However the 2014 fashion trends show once again the homecoming camouflage style and it has cemented its prevalence already in the market. So it’s time to take out your army apparels and match wisely with the other outfits that you are carrying.
  5. Baseball jerseys – Sportswear especially the baseball jerseys got a lot of appreciation form the guests in the Paris and Milan week. In general these dresses are mostly like by the men as they are comfortable to wear and are casually stylish as well. The define boyishness to the core. So if you have not been wearing one of these baseball jerseys, dig for it in your wardrobe and pair it with something cool to give yourself a cool dude look.
  6. Layers of black – Black being the base of all colors, it has never gone out of fashion since ages. In fact having a layer of black topped up with some nice contrasting colors, gives you really smart look and makes you appear confident.

Above all of these trends and style give a power move to your style statement by completing your outfit by getting you partner dress in the complimentary contrast of style as yours. This gives a strong appeal to your persona along with that of your partner’s.


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Runway to Reality Fashion Trends

Wish to give haute upgrade to your styling methods? Well follow the current trends that would dazzle you for the tip to toe. With smoky eyeshades to vibrant colors and dramatic looks this year’s fashion trend has all that you require. The ramps have already dazzled with the beauty of these trends, now it’s time to check these out for real. So get ready and have a look at it.

1)     Black and White – These two classics color are something that is in almost all the seasons. It seems these are the two certain colors that people don’t actually get bored off. Well these two colors continue to show off their dominance this season. So whether you are looking at Marc Jacob collection or for that matter the ones at Louis Vuitton, you will find the prominence of these two colors, mostly mixed together in some sort of a design to reflect duality. These classic colors very nicely depict urban femininity and owing to this fact it can be even found in the urban collections of Calvin Klein or the sporty lineup of Lacoste.

2)     Cropped Toes – This season cropped pants are totally in for both males and females. The crop pants give a splash of femininity to the masculine looks, which blends well quite nicely. The pants are mostly cropped ankle length to give an edgy appeal. This cropping thing does not only confines to pants; they show their influence on jackets and shirts as well. These cropped apparels are like must have this season, as they are going to boost your looks along with completing it nicely. This style has found its place in the major collections of Chanel, Burberry, Hermès, and Salvatore Ferragamo etc.

3)     The color palette –Bold and vibrant colors are much of a trend this season. In terms of hues neon and red would be mostly liked along with pastels being the dominating shades amongst all others. Silks and cotton in peach color will be quite prominent along with silhouette shades. Apart from this cobalt blue and denim blue will be the colors for depicting freshness and lightening up the spirits.

4)     Fabric and design patterns – In terms of patterns and designing, checks, floral designs and stripes would be in fashion. The graphic prints would be mostly loved and liked by the youths owing to their great visibility and wow factor. Floral motifs in various forms would be used to depict the sense of season and to create an aura of the freshness and beauty of nature. The checks and strips would find their way elegantly in various types of minis; formals and casuals with some new designer elements such distorted layering, pixilated checks etc.

Now it high time that you sit back tight and ride your fashion bike to go shopping for these trendy clothes of this season. Follow the tips have a look at some cool stores and buy the products that you think would best suit your personality and looks.




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Spring summer 2013 Hair Trends

Fashion and styling, be it in clothing, accessories or hairstyles; is something that keeps on changing and is continuously influenced by the catwalks at various eminent fashion shows world over. Talking about hairstyles every season has its own mood that offers a particular set of styling, which best suits for the season itself.  Some of the hair trends for spring summer 2013 are as follows:


Ponytail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1)     Low-slung buns – Back in 2012 ballerina buns were pretty much into the trend, but now give a twist to the styling of your buns. For the new season try the low-slung buns with an effortlessly messy look. In comparison to the slicked back styled buns with no flyways this messy bun would make you appear cool and elegant.

2)     Tying The Knot – For quick smart look what can better and easier than tying a tightly wounded knot. This kind of knots can be achieved by securing your hair into a ponytail and thereby tying a knot in whichever fashion you wish to, whether it be a bun, classic double knot, round ballet knot etc.

3)     Centre partings – After being out of appearance for quite a long time, the center-parting trend has again come back into fashion. Centre parting can be worn in multitude of styles to give you a smarter appearance. So you can consider making a small ponytail or creating a wavy texture with iron, every style would perfectly go with center parting.

4)     Extreme side fringes –For giving yourself a dramatic and a clean look you can also try the extreme side fringes in which the parting sits close to the temple and sweeps across the foreword to give a nice contrast to your looks and complexion. This style gives a very confident yet simplistic look to the wearer.

5)     Ponytails – Ponytails has always been a standard hairstyle for ages. So a lot of combinations have tried to create various types of styles out of which this low pony is becoming a new trend these days. All you need to do is just position your pony somewhere near or below the nape. This style emphasizes on the length of your hair and makes you appear a bit taller and slimmer.

6)     Slick – If you are in hurry and wish to create a look fast, just slick your hair form the graphic center and create side partition on both sides of the brown. This style gives you a mysterious yet confident look and greatly accentuates on the shape of your face.

7)     Messy hair – Give yourself an ‘I don’t care look’ look with this messy hairstyle. Though it doesn’t sound to be much of a fashion thing but in reality it is. Use hair straightening and volume products to give your hair a bed-head look with an extra oomph.

8)     Dual-textured hair – Combine the style of the wet looks and that of the tousled hair create this style. It’s like back brushing your hair with giving the upper half of the hair a wet look while keeping the end slightly tousled with smooth waves.

So if you are a fashion conscious person make sure to follow some of the hairstyles listed above.

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60 Second guide to online shopping

You may get the latest best seller at a click, but ever wondered how websites work to you that book? Here’s how:

1. Most e-commerce sites run speclalized software such as Domino, Merchant, Microsoft Transaction Server or Netscape Merchant Xpert to provide information about products on offer and track orders. When you enter an e-commerce site, the server gives you a cookie that is stored on your computer. As you navigate through the site and make purchases, the server tracks you via this cookie and stores your purchases in its customer database.

2. When you have finished purchasing and go to the checkout, the server asks for your details, including name, delivery address and payment method and also stores them in database for smoother functioning.

3. If you pay by credit card, the server may either print these details for manual processing by warehouse staff or automatically validate payment through a payment gateway. A payment gateway is a company that works with the credit card companies to be sure that all transactions are processed securely. If payment is automatic, the server forwards your credit card details to the bank, which verifies the credit card details, depts your credit card account and credits the merchant’s account with the appropriate commissions and fees.

4. Finally, the system prints out a picking slip for the store man. In the case of larger organisations, the system may even automatically print delivery dockets, book and the courier and send an electronic message to the automated warehouse system to retrieve goods for despatch. has one main, large warehouse, which dominates over smaller warehouses in terms of distribution. Most of the items listed on the site are already at the warehouse, but some select items are sourced directly from the vendors.

•5. The time taken for a product’s delivery depends on where you live and what you’ve ordered. For example, perfume has a different process because it’s fragile. Furniture reaches you by road transport and smaller items like clothes and cellphones are sent across via air.

Make jewelry in free times in the afternoon

One of the best hobbies through which one can make money or prepare something practical and fruitful for oneself is Jewelry making. Making jewelry is an art that can help one feel a sense of fulfillment and provide them a variety of different accessories that they can wear themselves or sell them to the working. The best part about making jewelry is the fact that it isn’t something very difficult and one a few things are required to get started.

jewelrymaking2Why you should try Jewelry making?

There are a few reasons behind why one should take up the art of making jewels. First of all, most of us are bonded by a budget, which doesn’t allow us to buy as many accessories that we would love to have. But if you decide to make jewelry, you can have as many accessories as you want. They are cheaper and at the same time you can employ as many different ideas as you may like. Second, all those who want to take up a practical and fulfilling hobby can choose it. All they need is a few jewelry making supplies and they will be good to go. Thirdly, those who need extra pocket money can buy jewelry making kit and sell the accessories they made to their friends or on online e-commerce stores. There are no boundaries when the art of jewelry creation is pursued.

What all would you need?

Jewelry making kit is one of the best ways to start with your hobby, espjewelrymakingecially if you are a novice. The kit will have some supplies that will help in your startup. At the same time, it would guide you about different kinds of products you can use and how different beads, threads, buttons or gemstones can be mixed together for making jewels. Apart from this, one can choose jewelry making supplies online and start working on something that they would want to pursue. Such supplies are available for enthusiasts as well as beginners. Therefore, enthusiasts can experiment with gemstones or gold and even diamond, while beginners can try their hand at beads or silver and gold plated metals.

Jewelry making ideas

The best idea for starting with jewelry is to have all your jewelry making tools ready. With these tools, such as pasting tools, threads, needles, cutters and other equipment (depending upon one’s skill levels), one can try different kinds of techniques and styles. Other jewelry making ideas include, finding a book online that provides free tips on making jewels, or else, search for different kinds of jewelry designs online that you can try to emulate or create something similar by buying the supplies that are required for the same. Those who seek to pursue this hobby can also get these materials at wholesale prices from some of the best online jewelry selling stores that deal with different kinds of supplies, tools and kits for making jewelries.
This is one of those hobbies that will surely make you appreciate accessories more. So, start with buying a kit now!

Nail Polish Color Trends for Summer 2013

Nail color trends are completely based on the kind of contrast the fashion trends are taking in a particular season. Based on that, this seasons fashion trends took a turn toward darker colors with brighter contrast. The same followed for the nail polish trends this season. Most of the fashion shows dazzled with looks ranging from darker to innocent light colors. The vamp shades along with blood dripping effects were the catch of the season. To know more, here’s a quick look.

  1. Pale Nails- Since summers and springs are all about bright and beautiful shades, this season creamed colored nail shades were white in. Pale, off white or cream-colored nail shades give a person a neutral yet minimalistic look that helps in emphasizing on the kind of dress one is wearing. This year it more about toning down your nails and carrying an undone look.


  2. The dark side – Using darker shades helps in creating a bold image of a person. This season dark romantic nail polish colors were also quite noted on several runways. From grayish shades to the purple ones, the dark angles seemed to take over the season quite dominantly. These shades went perfectly with the style trends of this season and proved to b perfect match to it.


  3. Metallic flashes – For trendy parties and bashes, there could be nothing more stylish than carrying metallic shades of nail paints. This season colors are gold, silver and cooper seemed to provide luxurious finishes at an array of fashion shows. The best part about these metallic shades is that they can be experimented with a lot. One can try adding sparkles over these shades to decorate the nails with some art works to give more of a trendy and chic finish to it.
  4. metalic
  5. Two tones – Dual textures are always an interesting thing to look at since they offer an array of style accompanied with a certain pinch of mysteriousness. The idea behind using dual tones is to give a bolder look without overdoing it. This style offers one with a variety of ways to play around with it, as it is easy t do it at home. So one can try various graphic textures and patterns and create some interesting and unique.Two Tones
  6. Edgy element – Since dark and dangerous was the theme of the season, the manicurists seemed to enjoy playing around with this theme. They created patterns such as the medieval cage effect, the jagged shark bite edges (much inspired from gothic patterns) and the blood dripping looks. All of these designs are quite easy to create and can be done in no time.

Having known some of the raging nail polish trends of this season, it’s now up to you, as to how you would like to adopt it. All these trends are to inspire you to create something unique by wisely inter-mixing various kinds of shades and style that are pretty much in this season.

A Perfect Sunday Afternoon Outing with Family

family in the park

What better way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon than enjoying a Beach picnic with family?

Being a full time working mommy, I hardly get time to spend with my family. But, I and Gary (my loving and supportive husband) has made it a ritual to spend quality time with family on Sundays. So, last Sunday we choose to bang on a beach picnic with our lil’ monsters, Manson and Emma. Though Manson wasn’t very excited about the beach picnic initially, but since it was Emma’s birthday month and she loves beaches, we decided to stick with our beach plans.

Family on a Beach

Me and Gary got up early and baked the Choco chip cookies, Cinnamon coffee cake and bacon and mushroom frittata, everything turned out yummy!! I love cooking, especially when going for a picnic; since this is the time when I play around with recipes and Gary always supports me. When everything was complete we were ready to hit the Lake.

It was an easy, breezy and beautiful summer afternoon. So, I choose to stay light and thus picked an above knee length white linen dress from ZARA. To complete the picnic look I accessorized with my favorite tiny silver earrings from Pandora and Cole Haan flat sandals. The minimal make up and simple hair did the magic. A sun-glass is a must on a sunny afternoon picnic, so I picked a Christian Dior Airspeed 2/S Sunglasses which did wonders and made me look complete.

Afternoon Sunglasses & Shoes

And we had a great time in the beach playing in the water, Emma and Manson were in love with the cake and cookies. Bacon and mushroom frittata was a hit among rest, Gary just drooled over it. Overall it was a perfect picnic and Manson too enjoyed the beach.

Family  in the beach

Family in the beach

Is celery a ‘negative calorie’ food?

We look into the controversy around eating food to lose weight

A negative calorie food, in theory, is one which takes more energy to digest than it contains (or gives to the body). By this principle, eating these foods amply should help you expend energy, burn fat and lose weight – while leaving you satisfied and full. But as with all other food theories, there’s much debate around this idea too. Do these foods really exist? And could celery be part of a dream diet that makes you lose weight without eating less or sticking to a strict gym regime?


To answer these questions, we have to look at the facts. When we eat any food, some amount of energy is expended in the process of chewing and digestion. This factor – called the thermic effect of food, or TEF – depends on the type of food eaten. Research has found that with diets high in fibre, the energy used for digestion is reduced.

Akshita Agarwal, a clinical nutritionist from Delhi, says, ‘Celery is a high-fibre product, which contains few calories and …. lots of moisture. With almost zero fat and zero proteins it might not ……be a ‘negative calorie’ food, but it helps by adding bulk to the diet and gives a feeling of satiety.’ So celery could leave you feeling just as full on a fraction of the calories of many other foods. ‘We can’t say whether it’s the best food you can eat to lose weight, but celery can be included in salads when trying to cut down on calories,’ she adds.

Niti Desai, a consultant nutritionist based in south Mumbai says, ‘Celery has about 16 calories per 100g so it can help you if you are dieting to lose weight. while you won’t necessarily burn up a significant mount of calories to digest it, it will fill you up and help you avoid higher calorie foods.’


Niti advises, ‘Celery can be used as part of a weight loss programme, but those who want to lose weight will have to exercise in addition to sticking to a weightloss diet plan.’


At the same time, eating too much celery can be bad for you. Akshita explains, ‘Celery is loaded with potassium, so it can be dangerous for people with kidney disorders. It consists of insoluble fibre, too much of which disrupts normal absorption of nutrients like iron and calcium. Replacing meals entirely with celery could induce anaemia or osteoporosis.’ Switching out foods which contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats for those that are made up mostly of water, fibre and minerals is not advised.


This myth might be busted, but if you’re munching on a few sticks of celery, it means you won’t be tempted to reach for junk food.


Fluffy Banana pancakes

Soft, light pancakes seared in butter until deliciously caramelised, and ser d warm with golden hon or syrup. Start your day on a sweet note.

PREP TIME: 15 minutes
COOKING TIME: 15 minutes


  • •125 g flour
  • •1 tsp baking powder
  • •a pinch of salt •
  • 2½ tbsp caster sugar
  • •125 ml milk
  • •1 egg
  • •11/2 tbsp melted butter • butter, as needed to cook •
  • 1 ripe banana, sliced


1.Whisk together flour, baking powder, salt and caster sugar in a large bowl.
2. In a separate bowl, lightly whisk together milk, egg and the melted butter.
3. Pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture, and whisk gently with a fork until smooth. The batter will seem thick, but it’s the right consistency. Let batter stand for a few minutes.
4. Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium heat and add a knob of butter. When it melts, add a ladleful of batter to the pan. Cook until the top of the pancake starts to bubble, and arrange a few banana slices on it.
5. Turn over and cook until both sides are golden brown and pancake has risen to about 1cm thickness.
6. Repeat until all the batter is used up. Serve immediately with fruits, maple syrup or honey. •

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